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Military Assistance Mission


Dean & Kerry spent many hours volunteering and fundraising for our military families with family friend Margy Bons & Operation Homefront AZ Chapter (OHAZ). Dean served on the Board of Directors of OHAZ until the chapter closed in 2011.

In 2012 Dean with Margy Bons lead a small group of like minded individuals to found Military Assistance Mission. Margy & Dean decided on the name because MAM is the initials of her son killed in Iraq and an anagram of Austin Michael Martin who was named after Margy's son.

MAM is the lasting legacy of Kerry, Austin, & Michael. Since 2012 MAM has grown sginificantly, helping more than 4,500 families (so far). Visit MAM for more information.

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A video created on Valentines Day 2009 as a gift to Kerry with one special last photo added at end  
I will always love you Kerry  
Wind Beneath My Wings  
Unchained Melody  
My Heart Will Go On  
Kerry was the love of a lifetime  
Only Time  
A video created on Valentines Day 2009 for Austin  
Video Tribute  
Video Tribute